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Patient Testimonials

Paula Boese has been my shoulder therapy person since October 20, 2016. I was shocked at how debilitating the operation left me and was really discouraged. Paula however was so kind, supportive and very positive that I would soon have a much different attitude. She explained how the muscles worked, what each exercise was for and answered all my questions. She has a sense of humor and likes what she does. It’s refreshing to find someone so happy, professional and empathetic.


                                                                                                                                                                                             Happy Patient

                                                                                                                                                                                               Mary Counts



I recently had knee replacement surgery, and I was dreading it, I had put it off for way too long  It wasn't the surgery so much that I was dreading it was the rehabilitation.  I have had numerous surgeries to my knee, my neck, my foot, my shoulder all different things that required physical therapy/rehab after the surgery and this was the part I was dreading the most.

 I was so fortunate that I chose Kansas Surgery Center for the knee replacement because if I hadn't I would not have had my physical therapy there with Katie Brennan. I have had mostly good results from my previous PT sessions at other places because I always tried to do what the therapist suggested with the home exercises etc.  But this time with Katie I felt my results were faster and better.  Katie didn't ask me to do anything I couldn't do, sure I was pushed some but not in a bad way.  The home exercises I had to do 3 times a day weren't too bad after the first week, and new exercises were added each week as I was improving my mobility and motion.  The one on one therapy sessions I think helped the most, other places they may be seeing 5 or 6 patients at the same time so you're there 2 to 3 times as long and not getting the one on one care.  I can't say enough kind things about the care I got, I didn't feel like I was just a number or just a patient I truly believe they wanted to see me progress as much as I did. 

 The thing I dreaded most was probably the most positive thing that came out of my surgery.  Wonderful people there to deal with and I highly recommend them for your rehabilitation and physical therapy.  I know I am not dreading the time when I have to have my other knee done.


                                                                                                                                                                                       Thank you.

                                                                                                                                                                                Chaz Spedding                    

                                                                                                                                                                                   March 6 2017    



This is in regards to my experience at Kansas Surgery & Recovery Center for my knee replacement surgeries.  I had my left knee replaced on March 14th and my right knee for May 2nd.  Prior to surgery Jerry Anderson, Therapy Manager, held a seminar.  He answered questions in what to expect after surgery.  This was beneficial to lessen any anxiety one might have.  You could do your post surgery therapy anywhere but Jerry thought one of the better places was the Kansas Surgery & Recovery Center, where the surgery was taking place.  I come to learn that he was right. I was glad that I had chosen KSRC for therapy.  Inpatient therapy and outpatient therapy are under the same staff and outpatient therapy is in the same building.   The therapy staff is closely connected to what you have just experienced and is dedicated in getting you back on your feet.  The first thing you recognize is that the staff genuinely cares about your recovery.  Jerry was very engaging, always offering encouragement when needed and praised your accomplishments as you made progress.  Jerry’s personal approach actually made the therapy sessions go by faster in spite of some of the pain experienced.  I made really good progress with my left knee so the thought of doing my right knee was not so scary.  May 2nd soon came and surgery on my right knee was complete.  Paula was my therapist for my right knee, Jerry was doing inpatient therapy.   Paula was very good and professional.  Paula always cited your good efforts and progress.  Jerry and Paula have provided me with a solid beginning that I intend to build on.  I can climb stairs now without a handrail and am working on going down with ease.  I will continue to go to the Derby Recreation center for regular workouts.

I would like to thank;
Dr. John R Schurman II MD and his staff,
Kansas Surgery & Recovery Center Hospital staff,
Jerry Anderson, RPT and his staff.

Don S

June 21, 2016

I recently received a new (left) knee at your facility. I wanted to tell you all THANK YOU! It was as good of an experience (from beginning to end) as any surgery possibly could be! 

Dr Pappademos & his staff were wonderful, the caring nurses & staff in the recovery center were great. The nurse that was with me before my surgery early that Monday morning in March was an absolute angel - she calmed my nerves a LOT!! (Maybe some patients - like me - need an anti-anxiety pill as soon as we get in the KSRC!!!) All the physical therapists - both in the 'hospital' & at the outpatient therapy in your facility were also great! I have absolutely had NO problems the entire period.

I REALLY appreciated the little question & answer tour that Jerry Anderson did for those interested before surgery day. It answered some of my questions & calmed my worries - EVERYONE should do that!

So - thank you to everyone, from the bottom of my heart! This all went so well that I am going to come back again in early August & do this all over again - both surgery & out-patient physical therapy for my right knee!! See you then!

Patti A.

May 3, 2016

In November, 2015, total knee replacement was performed on my right knee. While at the Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center, I began my physical therapy and then continued my outpatient therapy at the same site. This was ideal because of the coordination between the doctor’s staff and the therapy department. Katie was my therapist and I felt that through her guidance and expertise, I now have made a full recovery and have achieved excellent knee stability and mobility. She did an outstanding job as a therapist and I would encourage anyone needing physical therapy to do so at the Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center on Webb Road.

Lynda P.

February 18, 2016 

"I wanted to let you know that after two recent surgeries at your facility, and a third surgery performed in another local facility, how happy I have been with the quality of physical therapy services provided at KSRC and by the assigned professional staff.

I recently had a total knee replacement and my primary therapist was Katie. She was kind and completely answered any questions that I had. She adjusted the scheduled procedures both up and down based upon my ability to perform.

Next, I had a total ankle replacement and had to be scheduled at another facility and would have much preferred KSRC had it been an option.

The last, and most recent, was a total hip replacement. Again, I am so happy with the performance of the staff and services. Just the simple recognition of having been there before and the encouragement of the staff of how I was holding up to seven months of surgery and therapy and recovery was appreciated. I had a visit from Katie, who was not even a direct part of my assigned needs!

I would have no problem referring a close friend in need of your services, and wish the best for you and your staff."

Jim Pennington

February 4, 2016

"I had total knee replacement surgery done in July 2015 at the Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center. The care provided me by nurses and staff of the Surgery Center was exceptional. My outpatient physical therapy was also through Kansas Surgery and Recovery. It was convenient to have therapy sessions at the same location as my surgeon and hospital. My physical therapist, Katie, was attentive, professional and thorough with her care. We reached treatment goals substantially ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend Kansas Surgery and Recovery Outpatient Physical Therapy."

Daniel Burton, DDS

September 2015

"My experience from beginning to end has been nothing less than exemplary. From your careful first outing, Miss Helen’s gentle persuasion to move when I didn’t want to, and Katie’s skilled and watchful care for her outpatients, all have been so much more than I could ask. As I am half way through my second knee replacement therapy, I can say that Katie is the best therapist I have ever had. She is the perfect combination of sympathy, empathy, and tough love. I am particularly grateful for the tough love! Katie’s knowledge and skill are evident and are demonstrated through her sparkly personality. Thanks you for your great care and best wishes to all."

Sharon N.

September 2015


"A few years ago I had my hip replaced at Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center.  I was amazed that an organization could make a procedure such as this so easy and stress free.   The friendliness and efficiency of the staff was so impressive.

 Everything ran like clockwork, from the check-in thru the procedure. As well as this went, I think the most remarkable part was the post-surgery service.  At Kansas Surgery and Recovery the patient is truly treated like royalty.  Every single member of the staff was upbeat, friendly, and extremely competent.

My surgery was very successful and I returned to an active lifestyle immediately after the surgery."


Wichita, KS